Recently I’ve been wearing one of my dad’s wind-up watches. Do you know which part makes the watch work? Every part is necessary for it to work! That is the way your body operates. It all must work together, or it compensates and isn’t its best. All our parts and systems (mental, physical, physiology and spiritual) need to work together in a harmonious relationship.

You don’t just have an immune system; you ARE an immune system. When you have a chiropractic adjustment, you upregulate your nervous system. When the nervous system gets better, everything functions better. Dr. Sperry, a Noble Peace Prize recipient, found that 90% of the brain energy comes from the movements of the body. People under long term care (as little as 4 times in 5 years) had an increase in an enzyme that is a strong antioxidant and repairs DNA.

A 7 year study showed the patients whose top physician was a chiropractor experienced…

  • 60% less hospitalizations
  • 59% less days in the hospital
  • 62% less outpatient surgeries
  • 85% less in pharmaceutical costs

Is Health Outside-In or Inside-Out?

A key shift in our perspective is to recognize that health is “inside out” and not “outside in”.

Outside in” is a fear-based scarcity message.

This is the message of marketing through media thousands of times a day. We hear:  you lack and are incomplete and need something.  This message is mechanistic, reductionist and pharmaceutical.

There is a place for pharmaceutical drugs. But in the US, we are 5% of the world’s population and yet consume 80% of the medications. We spend 2 times as much money as the next nation in healthcare, yet we are 37th in worldwide ratings.

An “Inside out” message empowers you, knowing you are created to heal and can be self-regulated.

This message empowers you to be accountable and responsible to make choices for your best life. It is vitalistic – the sum is greater than the parts. When you change one thing everything changes.

Think about your health as a bank account.  Are the choices you make a deposit (expanding and transformational), or a withdrawal (contracting and crystallizing)?

It’s truly amazing how the body has a story to tell, reflecting where a person is at in the journey of life.  Our skills and technologies are evolving and allowing us to get to the root of the cause and have more efficient and effective outcomes.

I am always in awe and wonder of the marvelous creation of the human body that reflects God’s glory.  Our mission is to steward the temple you live in and give you a transformative experience. Chiropractic care can make a difference.”

Dr. Mark Hutsell