The other night we had a conversation around the dinner table listing the foods we missed and are excited to indulge in once the detox is complete. We share some of the foods that made our cravings list. I think it’s healthy to keep this list light-hearted knowing how emotionally attached we can get to our comfort foods. As we conversed I noticed how the intense craving for the food wasn’t present with the mention of the food. Bringing awareness to our relationship with food is a good practice and allows for a mindful perspective of why we eat the way we do.

Our Cravings List:

  • candy
  • bread
  • chips
  • donuts
  • ice cream
  • pizza
  • french fries

Cravings Awareness

Some steps to take in order to make sure you have a healthy relationship with food is to take the craving captive noting the origin, emotion, and environment surrounding the moment. Think about the amount of water you’ve consumed throughout the day. Could it be your body is simply dehydrated? Think about the substance you are craving. Could it mean you need trace minerals, magnesium, chromium, or calcium? Think about what emotions you are feeling in the moment. Is this craving a passing thought or a physiological alarm?

How DETOX Helps Eliminate Cravings

Most of our cravings aren’t really food-related and a detox is a prime way to expose these instances. For one, it will flush out the chemical toxins in your body that may be influencing your chemical makeup making you think and feel certain ways. Secondly, it gives you the space and awareness to observe and deal with toxic thoughts and emotions that may be covered up by an unhealthy relationship with food. Once you make that big picture connection, a detox or diet is no longer just a weight management system or a short time commitment, it becomes a tool for optimizing your lifestyle in order for you to live a life of fullness, satiety, and abundance.

The Hutsell Detox Program has 3 levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. click here to watch a video and read about the 3 levels of the Hutsell Detox Program.

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