Falling Asleep and Staying Asleep

Have you given up on a good night’s sleep? We have many tools to help you improve your sleep here at Hutsell Chiropractic. Here are just a few… chiropractic care, nutrition, and the Magnesphere.

Sometimes you are deficient in minerals (and need the help of a supplement) and/or need to change some lifestyle choices. Either way, you came to the right place. Our office is all about taking care of the nervous system and striving for better health! Dr. Hutsell and Dr. Jordan have helped countless patients get a more restful sleep. Get ready to tackle anything and be able to handle stressors with more grace. Have good energy levels all day long.

You would not believe how many patients come in with sleep issues!!

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When you sleep, your body undergoes a series of changes that enable the rest that is vital to your overall health. Sleep allows the brain and body to slow down and engage in processes of recovery, promoting better physical and mental performance the next day and over the long-term.

Tips for a Good Nights Sleep

tips for better sleep

Product of the Month

Cataplex B Core for sleepTrouble staying asleep? Try Cataplex B-Core, it’s our Product of the Month for August  This product improves sleep quality and SO much more! The vitamin B most people buy in grocery stores and pharmacies is synthetic, full of chemicals, very little of the main ingredient and often includes fillers. We notice at our office that the synthetic version can be helpful for a short time, then it drops off and you may be wasting your money. Dr. Hutsell and Dr. Jordan recommend this high quality, food-based supplement by Standard Process. Shop local by clicking on this link to get your own bottle ordered

Good sleep is soooooo important. Start making it a priority today. When you get the sleep you need, your body will be able to handle stress better and your body can heal faster.

If you are struggling to get good sleep, bring it up with Dr. Hutsell or Dr. Jordan at your next appointment. They love to get to the root of the problem!