Introducing our Detox Program

The Hutsell Detox Program has 3 levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each level provides you opportunities to establish your commitment, achieve goals, and optimize your health.

Any diet or detox should be managed by your doctor. You can do the level 1 and level 2 detox on your own or with the community, the shakes can be one to three servings a day as directed. Level 3 should be led and follow-up by a doctor, we will also recommend a Facebook community support group.

LEVEL 1: 10-Day Detox with Standard Process Detox Balance

The 10-day detox is a beginner detox plan with shakes. The ten-day detox program can be followed on your own.

LEVEL 2: 28-Day Detox with Standard Process Detox Balance

The 28-day detox is an intermediate detox plan with shakes. The twenty-eight-day program can be followed on your own.

  • A reset for all body systems
  • Detox shakes
  • Easy to follow nutrient guidelines
  • A habit-building timeline
  • $253.50 at the office or $293.70 if purchased online SP Detox Balance™, 28-Day Program Kit in the link.

LEVEL 3: SHAPE ReClaimed

SHAPE Reclaimed Virtual or In-Person

This advanced-level detox can be led by Dr. Hutsell in VIRTUAL or IN-PERSON visits. We can also direct you to a SHAPE Facebook community page for additional support and accountability.

  • 3 phase detox (cleanse, stabilize, live)
  • Shape drops and nutritional protocol
  • Customized to your unique needs
  • Regular guidance and urinalysis testing
  • Starts at $205, then each follow-up visit is $55 and continues until you are done with the program. Shape Drops are included in the first appointment and can be purchased as you need more for $60/bottle. (Virtual patients only: supplies shipped to begin this program are $35.)

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