Swelling breasts may indicate compromised lymph drainage, toxicity, and iodine deficiencies.

David Brownstein, MD, the author of “IODINE: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It” wrote an interesting article about how has a role in women’s health.

article by David Brownstein, MD

Iodine is a natural lymph mover because it boosts cellular metabolism.  When the lymph becomes congested certain lymph sensitive tissues react.  The breasts will swell during menses which indicates that lymph drainage from the breast is compromised.  When the lymph becomes congested the cells cannot remove their waste and the white blood cells in the lymph and the immune system become stuck in traffic.  This can make the breasts toxic because they are an area of lymph concentration.

When the lymph system slows down, the effected tissues improvise because they can’t bring in new oxygen-rich blood.  If the body loses adequate blood flow – often due to poor lymph drainage – the ovaries can make a cyst, the uterus can make a fibroid tumor, the breast can become lumpy or the muscles will become filled with fibrous scar tissue (a tissue that doesn’t use very much blood to function).  Fibromyalgia is caused by fibrous tissues that are built up in the muscle due to stress, muscle tension and compromised blood flow to the muscles.  People with fibromyalgia experience pain because every time they move, this thick fibrous scar tissue tears.

Symptoms of Lymphatic Congestion:  Iodine deficient lymph congestion, which compromises toxic waste removal, is a fundamental imbalance that can predispose one to cellular dysplasia or cancer.  In Ayurveda we always check the drains first.  How well are you moving your lymph?  Do you have rashes, sore joints, aching hands and feet, cold hands and feet, swollen or sore breasts, swollen belly, cellulite, sore throats, allergies, headaches or chronic colds.  Perhaps the most classic symptoms of an iodine deficiency combined with a gross lymphatic congestion are: fibrocystic breast disease, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, or fibromyalgia.


Iodine Supplements

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