Not sure where to start? Below we provide some tips, links, and videos for more information on brain health. However, we highly recommend getting personalized direction from our doctors at your next appointment. Your body and brain can begin to heal with the right tools.

What can help improve your brain health?

  • Calm Mind
  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Decrease Inflammation
  • Detox
  • Gut Health
  • Nutrition (food, supplements, and balanced hormones)

Calm Mind

A calm mind and be achieved in a number of different ways, through Meditation, sleep, relaxation, and even physical exercise! The Cross Crawl. The Cross Crawl is being used in many rehabilitation programs. It is easy but can be challenging when it’s needed. Your nervous system is able to change and form new cells, connections, improve balance, and agility. Watch the video to learn the Cross Crawl.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Yes! Your spine/brain connection can be improved with chiropractic adjustments. Read the article on “Can an adjustment help my brainMake an appointment with one of our chiropractors. 

Decrease Inflammation

Inflammation is a much bigger problem than most people realize. You can decrease inflammation with the foods you eat, but we have also found in our SHAPE Reclaimed Program that the SHAPE drops really help decrease inflammation especially if coordinated with the detox and weight management program.


The SHAPE Reclaimed Progam has a gentle detox. We have seen many lives changed with the SHAPE ReClaimed Program and the gentle detox. Our patients are excited to see less brain fog, more focus, and just plain feeling better. If you have concerns about your brain health, ask us about this gentle detox. We also reviewed an article on “Your Body Signaling You to Detox”.

Gut Health

Gut health and brain health is closely connected! A healthy digestive system can help improve both your mood and cognition. Read Dr. Mark Hutsell’s article on “Improve Your Gut Health”. Chiropractic adjustments can also help restore balance to your digestive system? Read “Chiropractic Adjustments to Improve Digestion“. There is more about nutrition below, but we also posted an article on “Gut Healing Foods” that you might find interesting.


Eating Healthy Fats for Your Brain

Fatty fish like salmon are very healthy because they contain omega-3 fatty acids. Research suggests that omega-3 fatty acids have many health benefits including memory and mood enhancement. Other great sources of good fats that are beneficial to the brain and blood sugar include MCT oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, ghee, avocados, olive oil, almonds, and more! Try to include a good fat at each meal.

Shape ReClaimed

The SHAPE ReClaimed program also focuses on good nutrition with an individualized approach and monitoring with our nutrition team. It will also balance your brain, balance your hormones with the cleanse/detox. And the SHAPE Drops help reduce inflammation throughout the body.


brain health stack
There are many different types of supplements that may help improve your brain health. Nutritional supplements help balance your diet.

We are recommending three products in a Brain Health Stack

You can purchase these products on our online SHOP, call our office to order, or make an appointment to come in and meet with our doctors and our nutritional team.

balance brain balance hormonesAnd there are Hormone Balancing Supplements that help brain health. We’ve found that you can begin to balance your brain, to balance your hormones with the SHAPE ReClaimed cleanse/detox. The Shape ReClaimed program also focuses on good nutrition with an individualized approach and monitoring with our nutrition team.



Set up an appointment to discuss how to keep your brain health!