Welcome to Kid’s Month!

Dr. Jordan Hutsell was still in chiropractic school when he found out his wife was pregnant.  He decided to take more classes about pediatric chiropractic care and found that he was passionate about chiropractic, pregnancy, and children.  He was driven to find out natural ways to optimize his wife’s health during pregnancy, and the health of the baby before, during, and after the birth.  Now as he and his wife are taking care of a toddler, they are trying to give little Declan the best start to his life and looking forward to baby #2.  Dr. Jordan loves being a part of the family practice at Hutsell Chiropractic and specializes in chiropractic, kinesiology, and nutrition for pregnancy, babies, and children.  Trust Dr. Jordan to help you navigate the best care plan for you and your child!  Get help with your child’s sleep, croup, feeding issues, tummy trouble, bed wetting, emotional regulation, ADD, ADHD, anxiety and more!  Click on the link for more about Hutsell Chiropractic.

Kid’s Month Wellness & Chiropractic Topics

Dr. Jordan shares some topics he wants to cover this month for a child’s focus, immunity, and development. Other questions that he plans to answer in later videos and social media content include:

– – Vaginal vs c-section delivery; how does it affect the development for the child down the road?

– – When should a child get their first adjustment?

– – Can anything be done naturally to help with ADHD, ADD, food sensitivities, allergies, and emotional regulation?

– – What happens when a child doesn’t reach a milestone?

– – When should I switch from breast milk/formula to solid food?

– – What are the benefits of chiropractic care for babies, children, and teens?

– – What supplements are good for my kid/teen and should they be taking a multiple vitamin?

– – How do I help my child or teen with anxiety?

– – What grade would you give your stress management and how does that translate to your child?

Stay tuned to get the answers to these questions and powerful information that can make a difference for your family!

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