Meet The Team

The Hutsell Chiropractic Team

It takes a team to help you on your wellness journey with chiropractic care, nutrition, and stress management. The Hutsell Chiropractic team consists of our chiropractic doctors, Dr. Mark Hutsell, Dr. Jordan Hutsell, Dr. Andrea Hutsell, and our staff. Scroll down to meet our team!

Esther, Hutsell Chiropractic Assistant


Insurance & Billing Manager, Chiropractic Assistant, Office Coordinator

Esther has 30+ years of experience filing insurance at our office and is always ready to answer any questions our patients have with a gentle voice and professional attitude. She is the contact person for our computer software and makes sure we are up to date and solves our technical issues. Her business savvy ideas help our office to effectively serve our patients. We find her to be upbeat and is cheerfully willing to jump in wherever she is needed. Her fingers fly across her keyboard as she gets things done and her follow-through with anything she is assigned is quick and thorough.

MARIA C., Marketing Director, Chiropractic Assistant, Health Coach


Marketing Director, Chiropractic Assistant, Health Coach

Maria is the kind and outgoing face behind our media content and is proficient and highly skilled in the marketing side of our business. Whether she is assisting the doctor in the back or using her creativity to bring fresh content to our social media pages her efficient ways are an asset to everyone. She is a patient advocate and makes sure they get the help they need at the office and at home with exercise, nutrition, supports or therapies. She is an integral part of our SHAPE ReClaimed program and is passionate about helping others achieve their best potential through this health and wellness program.

ELEYA D., X-Ray Technician, Chiropractic Assistant, Health Coach


X-Ray Technician, Chiropractic Assistant, Health Coach

Our patients and coworkers alike enjoy Eleya’s warm and sunny disposition. She fits seamlessly into all her responsibilities with great efficiency and skill. She is our in-house X-ray technician and assists the doctors with charting and therapies and teaches our patients about the home care the doctors recommend. She’s passionate about health and expanding her knowledge of how chiropractic and wellness care have a positive effect on the human body and its systems. As a result, she is a coach for the SHAPE ReClaimed program. She is also enrolled in the Functional Nutrition Course by The Health Institute as well as the Nutritional Clinical Chiropractic Assistant course by Standard Process.

DESIREE Y., Inventory Manager, Receptionist, Chiropractic Assistant


Inventory Manager, Receptionist, Chiropractic Assistant

Desirée is one of the first people you’ll see when you walk in our front door. Her cheerful smile and friendly hello welcome everyone. You’ll find her well-organized and is proficient with the front office responsibilities. She is assisting Esther with insurance and is learning how to file insurance claims. She keeps our shelves stocked with supplements and supplies to meet the needs of our patients. She is also enrolled in the Nutritional Clinical Chiropractic Assistant course by Standard Process. Her flexibility to be wherever she’s needed is a huge asset to us as well as her willingness to learn.

MEGHAN H., Chiropractic Assistant, Office Manager


Chiropractic Assistant, Office Manager

Meghan oversees the office and keeps things running smoothly in the front office as well as the back. Her warm, friendly, and comforting presence is a gift to our patients as well as her coworkers. She fits in seamlessly wherever she’s needed, whether she’s assisting the doctors or working in the front office area. She is a great problem solver and comes up with creative solutions to keep our office running efficiently.

Elizabeth Chiropractic Assistant, Future Health Coach


Chiropractic Assistant, Future Health Coach

Elizabeth is a brand new and welcome addition to the team! You’ll be seeing her around as she settles in and learns the rhythms of the office. She is passionate about health and wellness and has been a student of body systems and functions before coming here. She’s currently in training to be a health coach for our SHAPE ReClaimed program.

The Hutsell team looks forward to meeting you at an in-person office visit or via an online telehealth call. Learn more about us and our services.

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