This time of year, our minds turn toward resolutions. Dieting to lose weight is a common resolution but using diet to lower inflammation and repair your metabolism is equally as important.

The best resolutions up-regulate you. 99% of your influence on the world will be through your self-development. Every choice you make is either a deposit or a withdrawal in your health account. Do you have a balance in your account that gives you margins to deal with stressors? Or are you overdrawn and every challenge you encounter causes a breakdown?

As a provider of health care for over 38 years, I am never at a loss of wonder and awe about the temple we live in. When you consider the body, how it breaks down from body – organs – tissues – cells – atoms (protons, neutrons, electrons). Everything affects each other. As Einstein said, “It’s all energy.”

The SHAPE ReClaimed program is a deep dive into our diet and lifestyle. I have seen miracles happen through this program with people’s health.

SHAPE ReClaimed Can Lower Your Inflammation

As people fuel their bodies with good food, they experience pain relief and clearer thinking. The number one thing we hear from patients who complete this program is how much they learn about themselves.  It makes a difference when they know what foods cause inflammation. They discover they feel better when staying away from foods that cause pain, brain fog, and achy joints.

SHAPE ReClaimed Can Repair Your Metabolism

SHAPE ReClaimedis a brain-based hypothalamus reset program. Instead of ruining your metabolism, it repairs your metabolism. When combined with eating foods that lower inflammation, the homeopathic SHAPE drops support the body during this reset process. If you tend to yo-yo diet or are stuck at a plateau there is a reason for that, and a change is possible.

Honoring the gift God gave you makes a better you, family, community, and world when you reset your body to a healthy normal.- Dr. Mark Hutsell

If you are interested in doing the SHAPE ReClaimed 21 Day Cleanse (or longer if you want to shed some weight), we would love to help you through this process. You are not alone; I walk through this whole process with you. We offer accountability, motivation, and cutting-edge nutrition guidance. What’s stopping you? Make an appointment today!