Discover secrets to longevity through the inspiring story of Dr. Smith, a chiropractor dedicated to natural health care.

by Dr. Mark Hutsell

When I think of longevity I think of my dear friend and mentor Dr. A. B. Smith. He practiced chiropractic in Nappanee and Elkhart for 72 years. He knew he wanted to help people through life but could never make sense of how drugs were the solution. He became a chiropractor to help people be healthy through adjustments and nutrition, lifestyle medicine. I sought out Dr Smith as a mentor for his years of experience and perseverance through much adversity. Many chiropractors in his time worked through the Depression of 1929 when you may never be paid or you might get some eggs, chickens or such for payment. With much better food and environmental quality the adjustment provided miracles. Despite their effectiveness many chiropractors were put in jail for “practicing medicine without a license.” At Life Chiropractic University in Atlanta, there is a jail cell replica with the names of chiropractors who went to jail. It would be hard to make a living while in jail! Patients of these chiropractors were big fans and would protest and picket the jail on behalf of their doctor. At homecoming I would seek out the old time chiropractors who had been martyred and jailed for their convictions to bring natural health care as an alternative to drugs and surgery.

Dr. Smith practiced and lived in what now is a museum, the Beardsley Mansion, rich in history and a closet that still has his unique smell. He stood up with me at my wedding 30 years ago. He was clear minded, upright in posture and purpose. Once he addressed our local Kiwanis Club and was asked what he attributed to his longevity and replied chiropractic and he practiced what he taught others. He also smoked cigars and drank martinis! He was in his 90’s and had never had a drug and said the less you can do with drugs the better. One time he was in the hospital and I was visiting and working on him with the room full of his visitors, when he told the room, ”this is the finest chiropractic, the love that flows between people!” LOVE. That really got it… from someone who lived that out.

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At 99 he told me he wasn’t enjoying what he was doing as much so he was going to retire. We enjoyed a few more years of friendship. I was honored to do his eulogy.

When I think of lifespan\longevity , I also think of health span, Both quantity and quality. Some of the common denominators are purpose driven life, positive mindset, relationships and community, movement and exercise, healthy diet and faith. I just heard of a man that was healthier at 90 then 80 years old. At 80 he suffered from arthritis and movement was difficult and painful. When he prayed about his pain he got the message to quit complaining and within a few days he begin to start getting better and better.

Another story about secrets to longevity

As a chiropractor deeply committed to helping you achieve a longer, healthier life, I’m excited to share an incredible resource that aligns perfectly with our mission here. I recently came across an inspiring interview on The Icons By Motiversity, a podcast show that delves into the wisdom, motivation, and triumphs of those who have achieved iconic success.

In this episode titled “103 Year Old Doctor Shares 5 Life Lessons EVERYONE Learns Too Late,” Dr. Gladys McGarey, a remarkable 103-year-old doctor, shares her secrets to longevity. Her insights are profound and offer practical advice that can truly make a difference in your life. I encourage you to watch the full interview.

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