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Hutsell Chiropractic offers much more than chiropractor services. The In-Person Health Assessment is a comprehensive look at your overall health. In addition to chiropractic care our services include nutrition, supplements, pain management, and stress management.

nutrition services

Nutrition Services

“Let food by your medicine.” –Hippocrates
It is more difficult than ever to find good quality ingredients in our society. Knowing the deficit of nutrients in our foods makes whole food supplementation more important than ever. Knowing food sensitivities, allergies, and just exactly which is right for you is critical knowledge for making progress in your health. Nutrition can be the missing piece that so many of us need for wellness. Our bodies need quality, food-based vitamins and minerals to recover and heal. Let us help you make sense of the confusing world of supplements.

Our Nutrition Support Team is available to help you. We offer supplements in our office and online SHOP. … learn more about our nutrition services and line of supplements

stress relief services

Manage Stress Products and Services

There is good stress and then there is bad stress. Regardless of the type of stress, your body needs to be capable of adapting. By upregulating the nervous system your ability to adapt allows life to happen for you instead of to you. The Magnesphere, nutrition, and chiropractic care can all be helpful in this process of adapting. Our doctors can help you find the fastest route to stress relief.

What is the Magnesphere? This gentle treatment uses electromagnetic fields to relax the fight or flight part of the nervous system and stimulates the rest and digest part of the nervous system. These are the same frequencies that are produced by your brain and heart.

What can I expect? This one hour session listening to ocean sounds while sitting in a cozy Magnesphere room. We have two rooms if you want to bring a friend! You may experience tingles and a heavy feeling of relaxation, others may feel nothing at all. Falling asleep is common. Bring a book and a blanket if you wish. … more about the Magnesphere

weight management services

Weight Management Services

Tired of feeling sick and tired? SHAPE ReClaimed is a detox program that lowers inflammation, reduces pain, releases weight, and naturally balances the adrenals and thyroid. This eating plan includes homeopathic drops that support the body during this process. This plan has been a game changer for so many of our patients!

SHAPE ReClaimed is the perfect program for those who are interested in a “deep dive” into their health. We include a urinalysis at each appointment to make this program custom to you. The number one thing our patients say after completing this program is, “I learned so much about myself and I just feel good!” People also notice better sleep, less anxiety, more energy and how they are able to handle stress better overall. Let us know when you are ready for a simple 21 day cleanse or if you plan to go longer to shed extra pounds or work on bigger health issues. Dr. Jordan, Dr. Hutsell and Maria give direction and motivation to push though plateaus and stumbling blocks to make progress toward a healthier and happier you! … learn more about Shape ReClaimed

pain relief services

Chiropractic Services

Pain is the last symptom to show and the first to leave. By uncovering the underlining root cause, we are able to upregulate. If you are sensitive to everything, your margins for stress are low. Once your body is functioning and balanced, your margins grow. What is your pain telling you? What are the underlying causes? Let us help you find pain relief with chiropractic care. …more about our chiropractic services

Neuro Emotional Technique NET services

Neuro Emotional Technique Services

NET: Our emotional reality can dramatically affect our health. Using NET, we can find stuck, negatively charged response patterns and help you release them. It’s fast, and it can dramatically improve your health. Finding and resolving these patterns is done with the help of a manual muscle test. This helps determine if your body is in harmony with a particular concept or idea that is linked to an unresolved event. …more about our NET services

Hutsell Chiropractic solutions to live a balanced, painfree life.

Balancing your body naturally with chiropractic adjustments, nutrition and supplements, reducing inflammation, and managing stress.