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Making Sense of the Confusing World of Supplements for Our Patients

Our chiropractors combine chiropractic with cutting-edge nutrition and lifestyle modification to heal, balance, and create optimal health. Nutrition and supplements complement spinal adjustments and promote holistic wellness.

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Supplements help to balance your body naturally. Dietary supplements provide extra nutrients when your diet is lacking or certain health conditions exist. They can support musculoskeletal health, reduce inflammation, and enhance overall vitality.

How We Help You Identify What You Need

Our chiropractors use Kinesiology or “muscle testing” to detect mineral deficiencies and get to the “why” instead of just addressing symptoms. The focus is always on the big picture of your health and they will let you know what your next steps should be.


Not all supplements are good for you. These days they are often low quality, usually have fillers, very little of the active ingredient, and are synthetic. Food-based supplements are best as your body knows what to do with them. Synthetic supplements from the drug store may work for the short term but drop off ineffectiveness in a very short time. Read why we recommend Standard Process and MediHerb and Fullscript.

Let us help you find just the right nutrition and products for your specific needs – schedule an in-person or tele-health appointment.

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We will continue to offer pick-up of nutritional products from our office. Contact us to discuss.


You can now order all of your Standard Process, MediHerb, and Fullscript products through our online SHOP.

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The convenience of ordering from the comfort of your home.

HAPPY PATIENTS Online Ordering = Increased Accuracy = Happy Patients


Online Ordering = Increased Accuracy = Happy Patients

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