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Testimonials on Chiropractic and Nutrition

Dr. Mark Hutsell’s …“knowledge of both chiropractic and nutrition. I am confident with my supplements because he is able to give specifics to help my issues” – Mary Lou Garrett 9-2-20

“Dr. Mark Hutsell always takes the time with me and does it right and makes the pain go away” – Phil Klotz 2016

“His chiropractic knowledge is great. Everyone is very professional and nice. Dr. Mark Hutsell cares so much for you. His faith in God shines through his compassion for his patients.” – Dave Neff 4-1-19

“I couldn’t eat normal, my heart was skipping beats and my periods were pretty painful. Now things are not as painful, I feel more energized, I can eat normal. I no longer have heart skipping beats. My periods are less painful. And I haven’t needed to take pain meds to go to sleep. Through Chiropractic adjustments, deep heat, and stress management.” – Sarah 5-20-22

“After my first visit with Dr. Jordan Hutsell for my low back and hip pain that was on the pain scale of 8/10 I felt a real sense of wellbeing afterwards, I felt release- it was wonderful! I know I’m on the right path now. Pain down to a 5/10 already! – CW 7-13-22

“He’s personable and friendly. Dr. Mark Hutsell doesn’t adjust more than needs to be done and he takes his time with you. Highly recommend to everyone!” – Melissa Miller 5-1-20

“8 years ago I had a heart attack and 2 stints were put in. Ever since that happened I’ve not been the same. I could not sleep, was overwhelmed easily, had anxiety and could feel my pulse beat hard in my chest constantly. I was put on a lot of medications after my surgery because my artery tore. I didn’t want to be on so many meds! I eliminated them one by one with my doctor after doing research and looking at side effects. The concern was that blood cots would develop because of the stints. I started seeing a naturopath and she worked on detoxing me from yeast, parasites, and heavy metals. After each detox I felt better for a while but still could not sleep or relax. I was just coping and thought, “this is just how it’s going to be.” My mom mentioned that maybe I should try Dr. Mark Hutsell, she had been coming to him for years. I am so glad I did! I finally have hope and a positive attitude. Now I wake up feeling refreshed after getting quality sleep, I can think better and I can handle stress so much better. Chiropractic adjustments and the supplements, Min-Tran and Tuna Omega Dr. Hutsell recommended have made all the difference for me!” – Cheryl Yoder

“My best friend Rochelle has Fibromyalgia and I watched her improve in giant leaps and bounds in Dr. Hutsell’s care. I was dealing with a bulging disk in my neck. I had numbness, tingling and sharp pain in my arms and hands, and had to keep my head in certain positions to make the pain go away. My current chiropractor wanted me to do expensive decompression treatments and I was ready to see a medical doctor when my friend told me, “you HAVE to see Dr. Hutsell!” After my first appointment, I cried when I called Rochelle to tell her that I could turn my head on my way home. I was also able to reach the steering wheel and drive without the strong pain. By my third appointment, all pain was gone! And with the home care recommendations, it has stayed away. I actually stand up taller now. I also have better gut health and every visit such a positive experience.  My son now goes to Hutsell Chiropractic too. After both visits, his problem was resolved soon after the adjustment. After having COVID-29 he struggled with sharp pains in his head. With Dr Hutsell’s help they are completely gone!” – Laurie Posthuma

When I came I couldn’t walk. After several treatments feels normal again. Able to do any type of work.” – AM

“Since 1968 I’ve suffered with severe chronic back, hip and leg pain; which also led to many headaches. Over the years I tried many kinds of treatments including a different mattress, different car, wraps acupuncture and pain killers, but to no avail. In 2017 I started seeing Dr. Hutsell. He did an x-ray, chiropractic adjustments, ultrasound therapy, and some exercises to do at home. What a difference! This is truly the health path to follow. You are not at the mercy of pharmaceuticals or doctor’s prescriptions. This is the most unique way of treating patients by muscle testing and your body letting you know what it needs. If a natural supplement is needed to strengthen the problem, it is usually only for a short duration. Dr Hutsell educated me on diet, exercise and the importance of my feet and the arches as they need to be the firm foundation for the rest of my body’s weight, I ordered orthotics. Little did I know this was part of the problem and the orthotics helped me tremendously. I have been faithful doing the exercises he recommended because they have helped to bring much relief. I recommend Dr. Hutsell to my husband who was having back and ankle issues. He is also a happy patient feeling so much better and more flexible. If any further issues arise, I will definitely consult with Dr. Hutsell first because of his natural, unmedicated way of handling the problem.” – Beverly Hough 12/14/20

“I had shoulder, neck, and back pain with limited movement of my arm. I was not able to sleep, but after chiropractic care I feel excellent! I can sleep so much better now!” – Jeremy Pippen 04/06/21

“I didn’t realize how restricted my breathing was in my chest until I got adjusted. I can breathe so much easier now!” -Brianna Stauffer 04/06/21

“I had back pain for many years. Since I have been seeing Dr. Hutsell, my back has felt so much better. He has been helping me out with pain I had in my left foot as well. He is amazing and has helped me so much! I love it here; everyone here is so nice and sweet. I love talking to them.” -Jennie Santana 07/28/21

I have been seeing Dr. Hutsell for 30 years; I’ve been a patient since I was 4 weeks old. I now bring my 2 daughters who are 3 and 4 years old. They love to come see him and tell me he always makes us feel better! You won’t find a more loving and compassionate person to take care of your family!” -Terra Herr 4/4/19

“Dr. Hutsell has helped me so much. He kept me from having knee surgery for many years. God is really using him; gave him a special gift of healing in his hands. He is concerned and takes time to pray with his patients. He wants the best for you. The staff is so caring too!” -RM 8/25/21

“I have been seeing Dr. Hutsell for over 5 years. I went to Dr. Hutsell for my thumb which I injured at work. Damaging the nerves in my thumb made it difficult to open and close things. Dr. Hutsell worked on my thumb along with electrode therapy and exercises that he recommended. Within 6 months my thumb was like brand new. Many thanks to Dr. Hutsell. He also helped me with an old high school sports injury to the right shoulder (rotator cuff). That was 37 years old, very difficult injury to deal with and treat. He worked on it, making break throughs with the spider web like scar tissue along with electrode therapy and exercises. It took close to a year. At the beginning my shoulder had about 50 percent of its normal strength, at the end I regained over 90 percent of normal strength. Fantastic work performed by Dr. Mark Hutsell. He helped me to understand the doctor and patient relationship and the awareness of the role the patient plays throughout the treatment. I am totally grateful for what he has done for me. On his behalf, I would like to say he is very knowledgeable with insight along with a strong intuition and a lot of compassion which a doctor needs. Many thanks to a great doctor!” -Rich Eagan

“I have been seeing Dr. Hutsell for 2 years. My favorite thing about Hutsell Chiropractic is how much better I feel after I leave. I have had neck pain for 20 years since I was 15 and my neck hasn’t felt this good since that time.” – Jim Moudy 12/18/19

“I had neuropathy, pain, and numbness in my feet for 2 or 3 years. I could hardly walk; each step was difficult. With Dr. Hutsell’s help- orthotics, supplements and adjustments played a big part in my recovery. Dr. Hutsell cares and I feel so blessed to have his help. Now, I’m walking great, having better balance, and no more pain!” -Ida Gingerich

“I have been seeing Dr. Hutsell for 6 months. He has made my back a lot better. I hope it continues. The nurses helped a lot also and were friendly too. I would refer others to Dr. Hutsell. Thanks a lot!” -A.K. 3-1-19

Appetite stimulated… “I started coming to Dr. Hutsell because my 2-year-old daughter rarely asked for something to eat and had to be told to take another bite throughout the entire meal and then only took a small helping down. She was irritable because of being hungry and not knowing what to do about it. After chiropractic treatment, she now asks for meals and doesn’t need to be told to keep on eating all the time. Also, she eats quite a bit more at a time than she used to.” – Elaine Hershberger 3-1-23

I value Dr. Hutsell for his medical skill, council, and friendship. He is truly my brother. -Doug Stahl

I had lower back pain and numbness in my foot and part of my leg. I was not able to get a deep sleep with the pain that I was experiencing. After chiropractic care, I am pretty much pain-free! I can sleep through the night now too. -Barney Clayton 1/11/21

I had pain in my left lower back, was not able to bend over or go sideways when sitting. After a chiropractic adjustment and deep heat, I feel great! I get great results every time I come! – Linda Blough 4/27/21

Sports Injury and Maintenance Testimonials

“I was having issues with my shoulder. It was from an old sports injury. It was really impacting my ability to live a normal life. Dr. Hutsell looked me over and did an assessment and then gave me a chiropractic adjustment. I know I looked like a school kid on Christmas morning because it felt so good to be able to move again!” – Alan

Doc’s words on Herschel: “Herschel is one of my heroes and someone I want to become. He plays in a baseball league for 70- & 80-year-olds. Several years ago, he went through a season where his body kept breaking with reoccurring nagging injury. I recommended he take Trace Minerals B-12 from Standard Process that we sell here at our office. Then he was bulletproof and shared Trace Minerals B-12 with his teammates! He recently allowed me to pick one of his World Series Championship rings from his collection as a thank you for keeping him going. What a great honor! Total love and respect for him.”

“I have been seeing Dr. Hutsell for 30 years. I am very active in sports and if it wasn’t for Dr. Mark Hutsell keeping my body in good shape I wouldn’t have been able to play sports at the high level I’m at. I’m 5’11” and still going strong. Thanks for what you do for my family and myself.” -Larry Fischer 3/28/19

Health Maintenance Testimonials

Jack and Mary Vukovits have been patients of Dr. Hutsell for over 35 years. Mary smiled as she recounted the first time she came to the office, “I thought, how could this young doctor know anything? He’s the age of my kids!” She went on to say, “He did a great job and we’ve stayed with him ever since.” They have been married for 63 years and we enjoy hearing them tease each other when they come in. They’re full of life and make us grin! Mary reminded us of the time she reached down wrong and it caused her low back to be in so much pain she couldn’t walk. “I crawled into the car and into his office. I came every day for 3 days and got better! That’s why I come every month now for maintenance care.”

“My family has been healed by Dr. Hutsell for nearly 20 yrs. I’ve always appreciated him taking the time to listen to my ailments and find healthy solutions to make me feel my best. Certainly a patient for life!” – Corrie Doll 6-10-19

“I first started coming to Dr. Hutsell in 2016. I was having slight pain in my gallbladder and pancreas area. I had severe fatigue, it was very hard to breathe and I also had diarrhea. I was tired of feeling exhausted! Dr. Hutsell recommended supplements. Within 4 hours of taking the 1st supplement, I was feeling some energy. After the 1 ½ day, I had a solid stool for the first time in 2 ½ weeks. Dr. Mark Hutsell has become my main doctor. He has helped me through all the trenches and pains since. Feeling GREAT! And I love all the office help!” – Jan Bixler 11/30/20

“The care I receive really has helped me over the years” – Angie Beachy

“I have been a patient for 35 years. I always achieve the desired results and continually am amazed at the doctors versatility and knowledge. The comforting advice and compassionate people are worth the 45-minute drive.” – Sally Milewski

“I have been seeing Dr. Hutsell for 24 years. Dr. Hutsell is compassionate, caring, and professional. I have known Dr. Mark for a long time. He will always take the time to pray with you and he really listens to his patients. I am amazed at how he can find the problems and adjust a treatment. I always walk out feeling better than I was when I arrived. I would recommend Dr. Hutsell, he and his staff have become like a family. They never make you feel like you are rushed through. They are the best.” -Ken Riley 3-8-19

Office Staff Reviews

“Willingness to help. Everyone knows my name, family and asks questions about my family and myself. Everyone is friendly and helpful!” – Audrey Duncan 4-24-19

“Dr. Hutsell takes a genuine interest in his patients. He has a great sense of how the godly systems work together along with the importance of good nutrition. His years of experience show up quickly in his diagnosis & treatments. The office staff members are courteous, friendly and well trained. Their approach in treating pain is healthy. I recommend Hutsell Chiropractic!” – Wayne 4-30-20

“Dr. Hutsell and staff are very friendly, helpful, personable, not pushy and easy to get a long with.” – Richard Steffan 6/22/20

My favorite thing about Hutsell Chiropractic is how friendly and caring the staff is, and how amazing Dr. Hutsell is at finding what’s wrong and fixing it successfully” – Jenna Mikel

“I have been seeing Dr. Hutsell for 11 years. My favorite thing about Hutsell Chiropractic is that the staff are all very welcoming and demonstrate kindness when you enter. Doctor Hutsell is gentle and makes me feel at peace. The atmosphere here is very soothing. I would highly recommend people to come here.” -Ruth Mast 04-24-19

“I have been seeing Dr. Hutsell for 2 years. My favorite thing about Hutsell Chiropractic is the really nice people and that Dr. Hutsell is very knowledgeable about the bodies’ response to different elements.” -Blake Klotz 7/10/19

“So happy a friend suggested Hutsell Chiropractic to me. I always get great results when I go to see them. Great staff!” -Mary Robbins 4/6/23

“I love coming to Dr. Hutsell’s office because the staff is always friendly, and they treat you like family.” -George Wright

SHAPE ReClaimed Testimonials and Results

“My energy is high and I’m feeling better since I’ve been on the SHAPE program!” – BC

“I love reading success stories for encouragement. Just feel compelled to share mine. Yesterday was a big birthday for me entering a new decade. My plan was to wait until I hit another weight goal (4 more pounds) before getting out my next size smaller jeans. Because of my birthday I took a chance and decided to give it a try earlier than planned. I am super excited to say I slid into them with ease. It is only one size smaller, but I must admit my starting jeans were so tight, and refusing to buy the next size up, I sought another plan. So grateful I chose SHAPE ReClaimed!! Weight loss is only one plus with this plan. My joints thank me, My brain thanks me. My tummy thanks me. My energy and productivity amaze me! This program rocks!!” Steph Horner 4-27-20

“I read about “shape” and was curious about how it worked. I decided to give it a try. I thought I would educate myself so I could share with my clients. I figured I’d go for 3 weeks and be done! 5 months later I’m through the program. I feel great and lost unexpected weight. I had tried to lose weight for so long and had low expectations for success, so this was a beautiful surprise! Everyone at Hutsell was very kind and encouraging, especially Maria. When I felt emotionally/ mentally “stuck” I met with Andrea for NET. It was amazing what came up and the clarity I felt and was then ready to continue the Shape journey with confidence. I would and will encourage anyone to give Shape and Dr. Hutsell a try.” -Rhoda Miller

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