It’s official! We want to welcome Dr. Jordan Hutsell to our office. He will start working with us part-time during his preceptorship and move to full-time at the end of March.

Dr. Jordan is passionate about the chiropractic lifestyle. He believes every person should experience the highest quality of life available and that chiropractic allows for that potential to be unlocked. He recognizes the importance of chiropractic care during all seasons of life and aspires to care for the families in his community. His wife, Rachel, and his 16-month-old boy, Declan, have been perfect examples of how living this lifestyle can assist in the journey of motherhood, childhood, and the entire family unit.

Dr. Jordan went to Life University for his Doctorate of Chiropractic. He attends many seminars preparing him to deliver the highest quality care for his patients and family. He considers it a blessing to have the opportunity to work with his dad and be mentored by the best around. He is excited to serve such a beautiful community in the years to come.

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