The Hutsell Chiropractic 14 Day Sugar Detox Challenge

November 8-21

Join our challenge! It’s a real eye-opener as to just how much sugar we have every day.

Give your body a gift- a break from sugar. This is great timing. We will be done before Thanksgiving. 

For anyone who commits and completes this mission by the honor systems, comments on our Facebook, and posts along the way will be put into a drawing for a mystery prize!


  1. No Sugar (watch your labels): Read your labels, it’s hidden in most packaged and processed foods. Other names for sugar: Dextrose, fructose, galactose, glucose, lactose, maltose, and sucrose.
  2. ice chipsSweeteners allowed: Sweetleaf Liquid Stevia Sweet drops, monk fruit, or xylitol


Stick to meat, veggies, and fruit

Stick with this even if you started late, forgot, or cheated.

Set yourself up for success. Stop in our office to get a tin of Ice Chips candy sweetened with xylitol to have on hand when cravings strike! Ice Chips are perfect when you just need a little something sweet after a meal. Rosemary and Desiree love the Berry Mix. Maria prefers Salted Carmel. Dr. Hutsell really likes Lemon. Renee and Eleya enjoy the Peppermint. And Esther loves the Sour Cherry!


You may be having detox symptoms such as headaches and body aches. Don’t give in, they should only last a few days, tops!


Good Luck!