The air quality is concerning. Dr. Hutsell wants to make sure you know this important information. If you would like to be checked on how the air quality is affecting you, call us to get an appointment scheduled ASAP.

Health concerns and steps you can take when the air quality is bad.

Control the controllable to help your body adapt.

  • Make an appointment to come in to be assessed and see how to best support your body during this time.
  • POSTURE! By standing up straight, neck and shoulders pulled back you are opening the lung capacity and allowing the alveoli to do their job of delivering oxygenated fuel
  • Remove the toxic load. Make sure that liver, kidneys, and colon are draining and keeping the toxins out. Allerplex, Schisandra, and Antronex are great for assisting these pathways.
  • Have a good binder in your system to help pull the airborne toxins out. Our favorites are listed below and we have them in stock, call or stop in to order.
  • Takesumi: Supports in heavy metals/chemical detoxification.
  • HM-ET: helps the body detoxify while also increasing immunity, energy production, and mitochondria support.
  • ViRadChem: (includes 1/3 of HM-ET) helps the body detoxify and increases cellular repair, goes after radiation, chemicals, and viral components.
  • Diffusing essential oils or wearing them are great ways to purify the air around you while also detoxing. During this time we like Elite Harmony or Black Cumin.
  • Hydration with clean water. Drinking plenty of water can help your body flush out toxins. Emphasis on CLEAN water!
  • Air filtration: high MERV rated HVAC filter or air filtration unit such as an AirDoctor. The AirDoctor removes particles up to .003 microns- 100x’s smaller than a regular HVAC filter. This includes smoke, mold spores, pollen, bacteria, and viruses.

If the air quality is affecting you, call us to get an appointment scheduled ASAP.