This month we are talking about brain health. We will explore what brain health means, how to tell if your brain isn’t healthy, and what to do to support brain health and see positive changes. The first step you should take is to get some personalized direction from our doctors at your next appointment. Your body and brain can begin to heal with the right tools.

brain heal warning signsBrain Health Warning Signs

Brain fog? Concentration focus issues? Confusion? Memory trouble?

Some warning signs that your brain isn’t in the optimal health is you might be experiencing brain fog, you might have trouble concentrating, or get easily confused. You might also have headaches and become unusually moody. Many people can’t think of the right words, or find they have memory issues. And concussions and difficulty speaking are very strong warning signs.

“Certain symptoms reflect a brain-body out of balance. These are sacred messages, not diseases to be medicated into submission.”
–Sara Gottfried MD
When left unaddressed, these conditions don’t simply mellow out; they tax your brain and body to the point of creating more serious conditions.

Are you struggling with memory loss, brain fog, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, or trying to move forward from past trauma or abuse? If you start to notice a decline in brain health, don’t just chalk it up to old age… work on it! The body is made to heal naturally with the right tools.

We want you to feel like you are in your prime, disease free. Thrive! It’s possible to positively impact the brain with healthy lifestyle changes and adding in nutritional and chiropractic support.

Can you improve brain health?

There are many different ways that you can try to improve your brain health.  There are many different natural, organic ways to improve the health of your brain: sleep, relaxation, nutrition (food and supplements), physical exercise, meditation – “Read Keeping Your Brain Healthy” The relationship between your spine and your brain is very strong chiropractic adjustments can also help.

Set up an appointment to discuss your brain health!