What is Digestive Care? Digestive Health? Gut Health?

A healthy digestive tract helps us to absorb vitamins and minerals from food to keep the body healthy. So how do we keep the digestive systems healthy? Well, everything in your body is connected and when it comes to digestive care your nervous system affects EVERYTHING. Hence a natural, holistic solution may include a variation of chiropractic care, nutrition, and stress reduction – the three areas that the Hutsell practice can help you with!

Signs and Symptoms of Digestive Health Issues

People with digestive issues may experience indigestion, constipation, bloating, heartburn, or other symptoms.

Symptoms that you are unable to absorb fats: You may have light-colored, foul-smelling stools that are soft and bulky. Stools are difficult to flush and may float or stick to the sides of the toilet bowl.

Symptoms that you are unable to absorb protein: You may have dry hair, hair loss, or fluid retention.

Digestion can affect everything, including your gut health. Get to the root of the problem with Dr. Hutsell’s help!

livaplexProduct of the Month – Livaplex

Is it time for a LIVER DETOX? Look at it as “cleaning your filters.”

Our product of the month is Livaplex, whole food bowel, digestion, and digestive health, liver health, and gallbladder support.

Signs that you would benefit from this supplement are: bloating, hot flashes, trouble with fat metabolism, and constipation.

Stop into the office to purchase a bottle of Livaplex or have it shipped directly to you by ordering Livaplex online.

Digestive Care Tips

NUTRITION: Good Fats – Some fats help support gut health and digestion. What are healthy fats? MCT oil, coconut oil, olive oil, butter, avocados, and raw nuts. Good for the gut, brain, hormones, and more! Nuts with the “good” fats can be good for you (in moderation). Cashews can improve digestion.

MANAGE STRESS: Are you stressed? Stress affects digestion. In addition to eating healthy, you can improve your digestion by managing your stress. Have you tried a one-hour Magnesphere session? Call the office to schedule your appointment today!

hiatal hernia massageHiatal Hernia DIY Massage – One way to help is to use bodywork to relax those muscles in the stomach.Spend a couple minutes doing this at bedtime and anytime you feel pressure or tension in your abdominal area.  TRY THIS:

With your thumbs, fist or fingers push in and down where the ribs meet.
Extend over belly roll.

This simple trick can help with diarrhea, constipation and upset stomach on adults and little ones!

The Ileocecal valve is located on the right side between umbilicus (belly button) and prominent bone of the hip. This is best done laying down on back with knees bent.

Push in and downward for constipation.

Push in and upward for diarrhea.

Learn how a chiropractic adjustment can help improve digestive issues.

Trust Dr. Hutsell to guide you through the complexity of digestion with ways to balance and care for your body naturally.

Get to the root of the problem with Dr. Hutsell’s help!