Magnesphere / Stress Relief

The Magnesphere is great to reduce stress. We have one in our office and it’s available for sessions. Or you can consider purchasing one.

Schedule a Magnesphere Therapy Session

We have a Magnesphere in our office. Schedule a time to come in and experience it.

Purchase Your Own Magnesphere

The biggest advantage of owning your own Magnesphere is that it is easy and convenient to do more sessions per day. And the whole family can use it.

When you purchase a Magnesphere the Hutsell team works with the Magnesphere staff to set it up in your home. Dr. Hutsell goes to your home to help set it up.

There is a home trial –  “Try Before you Buy” Home Package: $499 for 90 hours for a 30-day home rental. This package is a great deal, treat the entire family for one low price! The Magnesphere is available in installments of $499/ month until it’s bought.

What People Are Saying About the Magnesphere

There are different frequencies that are recommended to use for different issues, such as back pain, carpal tunnel, migraines, anxiety, sleep issues, etc. Let us know if there is anything you want to work on before we start your Magnesphere session.

Magnesphere sessions are available for purchase in 6 and 12 package sessions.

Try the Magnesphere in our office!
The first Magnesphere session is free.